UDA Brigadiers

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The question on everybody’s lips in coming days will be “are the top brass of the UDA going to get a chance to shake hands with the Queen on her trip to the Republic of Ireland?” The UDA’s five brigadiers and 4/5 representatives of their respective districts have been extended invitations to a wreath laying ceremony by Queen Elizabeth at Islandbridge in honour of the war dead. President Mary McAleese’s husband Martin has been involved with UDA leaders in community work for several years. South Belfast brigadier Jackie McDonald regularly visits Aras an Uachtarain. Confirming the invitations on Wednesday to the Islandbridge leg of the Queen’s visit Mr McDonald said “this represents progress and is a reward for work being done. Others could learn from this.”. The brigadiers have not been told they will actually meet the Queen given the heightened security situation surrounding the royal visitor. It would be surprising however if Jackie McDonald and his colleagues are not embraced by President McAleese who always appears comfortable in their presence.

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  1. I have to laugh at this,but it does go to show that the brits have once again rubbed the noses of nationalists in the dirt, by meeting the UDA, all they are, are a bunch of murdering bastards,drug dealers, and thugs.the McAleese family should hang their heads in shame.to be rubbing shoulders with such people,who have over the years murdered catholics and were never brought to justice for their crimes. I know things have moved on,but this act will still hurt alot of people effected by the UDA and their counterparts in loyalism. Shame on you Mary McAleese and your husband Martin.

    • Thetruthhurts123 on

      yeah and you will also condemn people like martin mcguiness and his other murdering mates in the blood soaked IRA of course, dont you think unionists have to swallow a very bitter pill when they see mass murderer mcguiness shake hands with all sorts of people like hes some sort of statesman, wind yer neck in fella