Police Board Chief Executive quits.

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The Chief Executive  of the Northern Ireland Policing Board has resigned in the wake of an investigation into how he carried out his role as the Board’s most senior official. Adrian  Donaldson who previously worked in Castlereagh Council replaced Trevor Rainey when he moved to take over as chief executive of the Northern Ireland Assembly. Donaldson ended up the subject of an investigation prompted reportedly by a number of members of the Board. This probe was carried out by Dr Alan Lennon who is now himself the subject of potential scrutiny by the Audit Office which has been reportedly asked to examine the Board’s ‘procurement procedures.’ There are allegations against the Board of so called ‘Single Tender Contracts’ and ‘Single Tender Actions.’ In the wake of unease at Adrian Donaldson’s performance an enquiry was put in place to evaluate his role. There is now a question about that procedure because Adrian Donaldson, as Accounting Officer, of the Board had to remain detached but there is reportedly no evidence this matter was referred to the Department of Justice prior to the appointment of Mr. Lennon charged with carrying out the investigation. The report was critical of Mr Donaldson. He stepped aside on sick leave. Last Thursday a Corporate Policy  meeting of the Board  was told that Mr Donaldson had ‘terminated’ his contract in an ‘amicable agreement.’ According to a source the outworking is far from ‘amicable’ with Mr Donaldson out of a job. It is reported he was given three months salary, a lump sum of £20.000 and payment for more than three weeks of outstanding holidays. One policing board insider claimed tonight “he was pushed. They virtually kneecapped him to get rid of him.” Debbie Donnelly a board employee is currently acting up.

A policing board statement available to the media against request read:
The resignation is effective from 1 March 201I

“Mr Donaldson has resigned as Chief Executive of the Northern Ireland Policing Board.   Interim arrangements have been put in place and the recruitment of a new Chief Executive will be   taken forward by the Board in due course. The Board has no further comment to make at this time.”




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