Comhghall Casey at Mullan Gallery Belfast

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Just received Comhghall Casey catalogue of his forthcoming exhibition at the Mullan Gallery on the Lisburn Road in Belfast. Once again the works in so far as they go appear faultless if you really like photo-realism. Casey takes everyday objects and forensically and faithfully nails them mostly on linen. I much prefer to see paint ‘moving about’ on any surface and that is my problem with art made by painters like Comhghall Casey. He is a very serious young man and leaves nothing to chance in what he does. The various self portraits he has executed convince me that there is more in this artist. There is a further hint of what is to come in ‘Life Painting 9’ There is clear evidence of the approach in the painting of the Old Masters in how Casey uses the paint. We need to see more signs of change coming through.

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