Can the art world be serious on this island given what we’ve shown at the Venice Biennale?

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When is some one of standing on the island of Ireland going to cry halt to the nonsense this island is promoting at the Venice Biennale.? Presume for a moment that the output of Corban Walker is bang on in line with what Venice Biennale considers real art. If that is the case the appropriate bodies on this island should take a decision to boycott the exhibition. What we are sending to this most prestigious venue is not reflective or a defence of the business of making art. I have a vested interest in stating the following. There is a universal acceptance the length and breadth of this island of Basil Blackshaw’s talent and picture making capacity. There was an effort in the past two years to suggest Blackshaw be the artist to represent Northern Ireland. He didn’t get off the blocks. An unknown video artist was chosen. Corban Walker is Ireland’s choice this year. I will leave it there.

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