Ritchie on the ‘stuck’ Executive…

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SDLP leader Margaret Ritchie says the NI assembly continues to be ‘dysfunctional.’ In a blistering attack on incomplete projects in the term just ended the South Down MP predicts the Executive’s performance will worsen under the weight of further cuts.

These are the key areas of ‘failure’ highlighted by her:

“The long and expensive process of local government has collapsed in chaos. Letters informing principals that their new building is long-fingered again are landing on mats in empty schools. Sinn Fein has set the Parades Commission up for the chop and is helping curtail civil rights of assembly.

“The DUP is blocking any hope of progress on schools transfer, leaving parents and children trapped in the mess of unregulated testing. Progress on resolving victims’ problems or moving towards a shared society amount to precisely zero.”

[This article originally appeared on Slugger O’Toole]

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