Robinson on Saville: “We should close the book and move on as a society”

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First Minister Peter Robinson says he accepts the findings of the Saville report into Bloody Sunday.

He said ” I sincerely hope that the result of that inquiry will give closure and a sense of justice to the families of those that were bereaved as a result of that day and I know waiting for 38 years as they have and no one knows better than they the feeling of those many people who are still waiting for closure.

“Closure must mean closure. We have finished this chapter. We should close the book and we should move on as as a society and get the healing within our community that is so much needed.

” I think from a political point of view I have to say that I do not believe that there is anything to be gained by prosecutions at this stage and don’t believe that it would be possible to get the standard of evidence that would be necessary to secure a prosecution.”

When pressed to say what should be done to bring closure for those who lost loved ones in his own community Mr Robinson said:

“We can never go to the position where we are going to spend almost
£200m for each incident that occurred.
That would take us into many billions.

” I strongly believe the best way of dealing with the past is to have a public record where all of those who are victims are able to put on the record their story so that others who wish to research it can read it.

“I think there is a requirement from all paramilitaries to ‘fess up” and indicate the roles they have played and that in itself can give closure to many.”

[This article originally appeared on Slugger O’Toole]

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