Peter Robinson: “I think I have the right to be a bit down at times…”

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In the wake of the extraordinary incendiary interview on BBC television involving DUP leader Peter Robinson and Seamus Mc Kee many questions have been raised about
Mr. Robinson’s state of mind. In the course of the interview with Mr McKee, Mr Robinson branded Reg Empey, Trevor Ringland, Michael Mc Gimpsey and Jim Allister ‘liars.’

Everywhere I go people are asking: “Has Robinson lost it ?” “So have you lost it. Peter ?” I asked.Gathering his thoughts, the DUP leader said:

“Can I say to you Eamonn – If anyone had a right to be down and despairing it would be me. I am the one that has to go over and see my wife after she has been stalked around
the streets of London when she is out on rehabilitation. I am the one that has to hold her when she is shaking and in tears – So I have the right I think, to be a bit down at times.”

[This article originally appeared on Slugger O’Toole]

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