“Main obstacle to Unionist unity is Peter Robinson…”

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DUP leader Peter Robinson is an impediment to unionist unity according to Unionist Party Assembly member David NcNarry. In a blistering attack on Mr. Robinson, the Strangford Unionist said:

“Peter Robinson is an obstacle. He has too much baggage from the past, moving forward, with his bashing of Ulster Unionists. My ministers asked him to step aside while he sorted out his private affairs. There have been more revelations and there are growing doubts inside his own party about his position as leader.”

In the cold light of day more DUP Assembly members are expressing concern at what they saw and heard in the BBC interview with Seamus McKee as they watched an incendiary Robinson brand Mr Mc Kee, Reg Empey, Jim Allister and Trevor Ringland “liars.”

Peter Robinson had moved to defend a property deal with deceased developer Fred Fraser. According to Mr Mc Narry the only game in town after the Westminster election will be a campaign to stop Martin McGuinness becoming First Minister.

David Mc Narry said: “After these elections the two parties are going to have to come together to formalise the mechanism for unionist unity. That has to be all embracing at local and national level.”

Another source argued that this was really what the secret Hatfield talks were all about.The first down payment in that process came in Fermanagh South Tyrone where Rodney Connor is the unity candidate even though Mr Connor describes himself “independent.”

This is all about stopping Sinn Fein’s Michelle Gildernew.

[This article originally appeared on Slugger O’Toole]

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