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The question of ‘community confidence’ ( defined by the Dup from within it’s own community ) in the debate on the devolution of policing and justice has yet again surfaced.
This confidence issue was part of the Dup’s lexicon for a long time but Dup leader Peter Robinson put this to bed or so it seemed when he told the media it was not an issue on the ground during the European election.
In 10 Assembly Roadshows which I chaired I doubt if the question of ‘confidence’ was raised once.
The Dup leader has put it back on the agenda again. This is puzzling.
Will it not be very embarrassing for some Dup Assembly members in the coming days/weeks if a deal on policing and just falls into place ?
So much bile and rancour were needlessly spewed across the floor of the Assembly chamber yesterday on the second reading of the police legislation.
I sincerely hope Barack Obama was not listening ! Ooops he may however read my blog !!! He may also now need a health check up. !
If this deal emerges in the near future how will Gregory Campbell , Maurice Morrow et al in the Dup account for the certitude which they declared there will be no devolution of policing and justice in the short term. ?
Might it be a case of Peter doing ‘ a Margaret Thatcher’ not telling his colleagues anything or is Martin Mc Guinness in the night garden with Iggle Piggle ?
I listened to Edwin Poots and Patsy Mc Glone on Radio Ulster this week discussing the SDLP man’s contention that the review of public administration has already cost four and a half millions. It is projected this is going to further grow before we see closure.
This money has been going to consultants and more consultants!
The most striking feature of the exchange between Mr Poots and Mr Mc Glone was the civilised tone which obtained.
It was so refreshing and mature. Do you think people didn’t notice. ? You bet they did. That is why I am writing about it.
Why do our politicians always have to sound like ‘ the master shouts’ as Terry Wogan so aptly describes all those screaming balling chefs. ?
Thanks for your attention.

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