The Tech Show – Episode 04

This week Chris and Matt discuss cashless payments, what programming languages are in demand, social meetups, renewable energy and whether QR Codes are just a waste of time.

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Show notes:

00:00 Intro

00:05 Cashless payments are coming to a parking meter near you. We discuss Parkmobile and how we’d like to see more of this type of technology.

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09:14 Listener Question from @ASLCreative:
What programming languages are in demand and what courses are available in NI?

19:25 Are social meetups worth the effort?

24:45 Renewable energy: With the news that SeaGen, the world’s first commercial tidal current energy turbine has not had a detrimental impact on Strangford Lough, we ask why are we not using more renewable energy?

32:50 Are QR codes nothing more than a gimmick?

37:30 END

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4 thoughts on “The Tech Show – Episode 04

  1. QR Codes – where not designed for web marketing. They were designed to store fixed lengths of information, thus saving on space and avoiding human error when copying information to another media.

    They are ideal for asset tracking, storing information about machines/locations (gps co-ordinates), and numbers or even instructions.

    One of the most innovative examples of QR codes I have seen was by an artist. He incorporated QR codes into his work. His paintings are mainly town scapes and within some of the houses, he embeds  a qr code. When you view the painting you can scan the qr code and it shows information about the person that lives there (fictional characters).QR codes do have their uses, but not for web marketing. They should not be used in places where the public can alter or deface the QR codes – it is very easy to overlay a new QR code that redirects a scan to another website.@aslcreative:twitter P.S. Thanks for answering my question.

  2. Liked the show today guys – have to be honest and say it felt a little scripted at the start but soon good really good.

    I would certainly attend a tech show meetup.

  3. Great show guys; a much needed place for all creatives,tech heads,newbies,
    (and everyone else for that matter)to get involved and get up to speed in all things tech.

    Just a small point.Would it be an idea to look at GarageBand for to create the podcast?
    Add a little jingle at the top perhaps (nothing too cheesy!),equalise the audio (Chris’s audio can
    come across a bit thin at times) and less scripted more loose and chatty. It sometimes can
    sound more like a phone conversation…did I say that. What a cheeky chappy ! Sorry Matt.

    Whatever,it works! This is much needed and a great resource for all peeps IN NI.
    Best of Luck guys C.J.

  4. Great show again. 

    I was particularly interested in the part about a programming GCSE.  I was schooled in the era when there were (black screen with single characters) BBC computers and programming was 01101000 which by today’s standards did nothing to interest me in computers in general. 

    I have tinkered with Xcode and enjoyed the structure and interface thoroughly yet found there was some basic information missing from the books and tutorials I that prevents me from picking up the overall meaning of the information initially but if there had have been a GCSE, in fact if there was one now, I would jump at the chance to do it IF it was for those that have had no programming experience and need even the simplest terminology or action explained.  Yes, it is possible to teach myself and it has been made easier with the likes of Xcode but the learning curve would be shortened a great deal for everyone, especially those in school, if they were given an option to see for themselves that programming isn’t as daunting as it sounds and there is a huge market for programmers, after all and importantly not be expected to teach themselves to a level where they can start a course because they already had an interest in it and were already interested.

    I have never had an interest in religion or history or art, I enjoyed the stories and pictures and understand why, as subjects in school, they are there… but shouldn’t the same be said for programming…shouldn’t everyone have access to the fundamentals of a subject and then choose whether to cultivate an interest or abandon it?

    Of the several courses I have seen available in programming at any level they have been for those that have at least the basics.  I think it was episode one where Eamonn asked of a course Matt described whether you could turn up with no programming experience/knowledge and Matt said they could, I couldn’t help noticing the pause when answering.  I suspect you are expected to know at least a bit and having a initial interest in it or ideas just isn’t enough?

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