The Tech Show – Episode 01

Welcome to the first of our planned weekly tech shows, hosted by Chris Taylor and Matt Johnston.

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Show notes:

00:00 – Intro

01:04 – US firm buys local startup WorldDesk Ltd.

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02:30 – Would you want a 55” OLED TV? Chris doesn’t and tells us why. Matt already has a bigger one. Show off! We also discuss upgradable TV’s, proprietary app stores for your TV and more.

12:10 – Logitech cube – a pointless device. Aren’t there apps that allow you to interact in a better way with your presentations? Like this one.

14:44 feedair: Another pointless gadget, that has no real world use?
This is a communications device that takes feeds from social sources and displays them on a small LED screen.

17:14 The iPhone turns 5 and the Mac Mini turn’s 7 – both made an impact on the industry. We discuss how much mobiles have changed in 5 years and how levels of consumer expectation have increased. Will Windows Phone make a splash in 2012?

32:19 “Bring Your Own Device” policies have helped to open up IT departments to Macs, iPhones and iPads”. – What’s your experience of this?

38:45 Both Chris and Matt signed up to Netflix, should they have bothered? There is so much content available online now, do we really need that Sky / Virgin subscription anymore? Are consumers really willing to pay for content?

47:50 Buy a subscription to the NYT and get a Nook. Could the Belfast Telegraph offer something similar?

51:00 LipDub. Did Friends School produce something special?

57:55 If you had £100 to spend on hardware, what would you buy?

1:00:40 Each week we are going to feature a local tech company and Matt kicks off the series by introducing Black Market Games. If you would like to feature, email the show

1:06:00 We also touch on Belfast Ruby which is aiming to teach people Ruby.

1:08:23 Chris rant’s about voice control.

The End.

Thanks for listening.

As this is the first show, we haven’t any theme music or cover art, but if you would like to volunteer your services to write a jingle or design the cover art please get in touch.

Future shows will be recorded on Sundays, with a view to publishing on Monday.

You can contact Chris (@iChrisTaylor) and Matt (@cimota) on twitter.

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2 thoughts on “The Tech Show – Episode 01

  1. So far 35 mins and enjoying it, wanted to bring up a point RE: Blackberries , kids are actually wanting those due to the BBM system

    It’s a completely free social network that allows sending one-to-many messages

    Think of it like a hyper simplified facebook, with good control over who can view the messages , and they can send as many messages as they like over 3g absolutely free.

    They were very heavily invovled in the riots in England last year too

    check this out

  2. Hey Aaron, BBM is a bit of a winner for RIM in that respect. My view is that both iOS and Android (and even Blackberry) have alternative IM apps e.g. touch, WhatsApp etc that are cross platform.

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