Simon Cowell. He’s the man whose given us Robson & Jerome, Mr Blobby, Il Divo and One Direction. He’s the man who has also made millions out of so so TV talent shows like ‘X Factor’ and ‘Britain/America/Australia Has Got talent’. And he has done this by becoming a household name with his… Read More

The growth of Sinn Féin & subversive forces – by Colm Dore

    As Sinn Féin grows in popularity in the South, a subversive element is increasingly revealed, but not one that SF’s detractors have in mind. In the wake of the local and European elections, Colm Keena, in ‘The Irish Times’ (June 11th), warns that it is ‘a great risk’ to believe Gerry Adams’s ‘stated allegiance… Read More

"Speak up silent majority" - by David Finegan

  Not in my name – it’s time we heard from the silent majority on political Unionism, parades and the exercise of democracy I wondered about writing this submission. You see I’m part of the much criticised silent majority, the so called liberal hand wringers, and whiners who never get involved and who are so… Read More

  We hear it like a mass ovine bleat, the cry of “culture war”. The new loyalist-DUP enterprise and slogan. It’s transparently false. It’s a myth and a hoax. Yet those who believe this absurdity, even this false absurdity, could later commit atrocities. Therefore it’s incumbent upon civil society to address and correct the DUP-loyalist fabrication.  … Read More

    Biting somebody is not just a footballing offence. Biting somebody is a criminal offence. Had Luis Suárez chomped on someone on the street he would be liable for assault, (had he broken skin, caused bleeding or left a mark). Assault occasioning actual bodily harm to be precise, under section 47 of Offences Against the Person Act 1861. This offence is… Read More

    A few weeks ago I took my Dad and his oldest, bestest friend on a tour of South Armagh. Well, actually it was my Dad’s oldest, bestest friend who did the driving. I was like a human back-seat sat-nav and probably not the bestest directional device they could have found, for there were… Read More