In recent weeks there has been some political and other commentary regarding the potential cuts to funding for victims and survivors groups, or the inability to continue funding some groups whose Peace III funding contracts have come to an end. For individual victims and survivors there have been cuts to previous support packages… Read More

    (Speech by Independent Unionist MLA John McCallister, in Limerick to: ‘Tangible Ireland, extension of Tangible’s Leadership seminars.’) This month, across Europe, we commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. As we remember a lost generation – those who fell in France and Flanders, and further afield – we can be… Read More

    An Ulster Presbyterian is in charge of how the 26 counties of Republic of Ireland celebrate the centenary of the Easter Rising. Could there be a grander irony? Let me leave this for a moment to look at Northern Ireland. The myopia of Unionism is a mortal one. A Unionism that unflinchingly supports the Union but congenitally… Read More

    Three years ago, a BBC World Service survey of 11,000 people in 23 countries claimed unemployment was the world’s fastest growing concern. While corruption and poverty ranked highest in the poll, 18% of people identified joblessness as their main worry – six times higher than the level recorded in 2009. Unemployment preoccupied people… Read More

    I thought Féile was great. Your very own garden centre prod got to meet some ex-prisoners, deep dyed shinners, and got to listen to some fascinating seminars. I thoroughly recommend it to others. You only strengthen your argument by exposing yourself to opposition and anaerobic resistance. It makes you fitter. That’s the problem with… Read More

      (The following is the transcript of the John Hume Lecture given by  Dr.  Maurice Hayes (pictured above) at the MacGill Summer School in Glenties on 20 July 2014 .)   I  Respect for the political process is not helped either by what I would call the paxmanisation of political interviewing in which politicians… Read More

    By August 1969 when the annual Apprentice Boys parade took place in Londonderry, politics and community relations in Northern Ireland were already unstable. The after shock of the events of 5 October 1968, followed by growing and serious political and sectarian violence in Derry and Belfast during January, April and July 1969 did… Read More

Ceasefire statements 1994

  “Sometimes when you’re living through history you don’t see it.” The words above were spoken by the former RTE correspondent Charlie Bird at a Feile an Phobail event last night. We were discussing the ceasefires of 1994 – first the statement from the IRA and then the response from the Combined Loyalist Military Command.… Read More

    If the collective and continuing sigh of relief breathed by the Orange Institution and broader unionism at containing the potential excesses of feral loyalism through their strategy of graduated response is anything to judge by, then the underlying anger and resentment pertaining to the return parade by the Ligoniel lodges of the Orange… Read More